Who We Are

Hailing from Rochester, NY, The Chrissie Romano Band evolved from a desire to not only create original tunes but to rekindle the musical relationship between John, Ken and Chrissie that formed years ago while performing in a local cover band. This band takes everything one step further by offering some really unique acoustic arrangements of both cover and original tunes from a wide range of material and musical styles.  Combine this with Chrissie’s ability to take any song and make it her own you will witness a truly high energy and original act not afraid to tackle any tune!  By taking a refreshing approach to the re-creation of a cover tune with a heavy focus on acoustic guitar they are stand outs in the Rochester live music scene. The band delivers a powerful and rocking show, with captivating stage presence and extensive musical ability. It's a unique, eclectic and unforgettable night of well-known music with a one of a kind flair.  

You can find them performing as a band or as a duo for smaller and more intimate settings.  

Chrissie Romano- Guitar/Vocals

Ken Romano - Bass/Vocals

John Pasquarella - Drums/Vocals

Chrissie Romano     |     John Pasquarella     |      Ken Romano