"ain't nothing typical about them...."”

Chrissie Romano Band

Hailing from Rochester, NY, The Chrissie Romano Band evolved from a desire to not only create original tunes but to rekindle the musical relationship between John, Ken and Chissie that began several years ago. Built on Chrissie's passionate and heart felt songwriting, the band creates a unique acoustic atmosphere on top of a tight and funky rock rhythm section.  Combine this with Chrissie’s ability to take any song and make it her own you will witness a truly high energy and original act not afraid to tackle any tune!  The band delivers a powerful and dynamic show, with captivating stage presence and songs with a hook and a story to tell. It's a unique, eclectic and unforgettable night of music with a one of a kind flair.  

You can find them performing as a band or as a duo for smaller and more intimate settings.