What matters is that it is a collection of neat songs. Songs that are delivered in a willfully understated fashion, where every note and nuance, every lick and lyric is the right one, in the right place. And lyrically, it is honest and from the heart, which in this world of throwaway music and shallow sentiment is a thing to be treasured. Treasured and played regularly” - Dave Franklin

Dancing About Architecture

They’ll reveal they’ve got all the right pieces in place and an excellent balance between their strengths from the drop of track one on Somewhere Along The Way. Loaded with pleasant vibes in the music, you’ll also notice the signature aspect of Chrissie’s contrasting lyricism, which more often than not, explores a complete array of emotions, as opposed to tapping into just one. The way she writes opens the door for many to come in and listen, offering multiple dimensions and depth in each tune, found in everything from the music to the microphone.” - Jeremy

Sleeping Bag Studios

Very rarely, especially in today’s era of music dominated by record companies looking only for singles, do you find an album that is good from start to finish. The Chrissie Romano Band have achieved that. But this record is better than good; it’s great. An album that serves as a reflection on life, on love, on friendship, on loss, and on time, you will love this record. It is nearly perfect.”

Jacob Aiden - JamSphere

The Chrissie Romano Band are straight forward, unique, and doing music their way! With a promising sound, it’s only a matter of time before more major entities catch a glimpse of the magic that they are stirring up! ”

— K. Tibbs - Music Industry News Network

The instrumentation’s all on the mark, the melodies & rhythms are catchy…all-in-all, you can hear a lot of great things in the writing and performance on “Photo” from the music to the microphone…definitely a memorable experience & song.”

JER at Sleeping Bag Studios

The 9 track album is a masterclass in song composition and artistry. It is acoustic Pop/Rock in the genre and carries a message. Often the message is unity, the songs are incredibly relatable and this creates a feeling of being less alone with the listener.”

— FVReviews

The songwriting style makes me think of classic artists such as Ani DiFranco, as well as contemporary songwriters the likes of KT Tunstall and Courtney Barnett, only to mention but a few. The song has a lot of melody, and the lyrics are charming and romantic, with a genuine vibe that any listener can easily relate to you.”

— Band Camp Diaries

It’s a sweet song, a realistic song, a relatable song. It’s also a song that fits neatly into the more discerning end of the acoustic folk-pop bracket but also has the clean lines and wonderful accessibility that could easily see it shift copies in no small amount. If you are a fan of the likes of Amy McDonald or the goddess-like (my words not hers) K T Tunstall then this is a song, and indeed and artist, that you are going to take to your heart without hesitation.”

Dave Franklin

If you’ve ever had a broken heart (And really, who hasn’t?), you’ll certainly find plenty to relate to in this song. Now, with cameras in our phones, we may even have hurtful memory pictures right at our fingertips. Even so, Chrissie Romano reminds us we can be strong, press on and find our healing or something close to healing.”

Dan MacIntoch of Skope Magazine

Founded in emotive, passionate songwriting, Chrissie (alongside band members John and Ken) delivers refreshing soundscapes which feature solid rock rhythms, sweet sounding electric guitar tones, a soothing acoustic atmosphere and charming vocal performances.”

Joshua Smotherman - Middle Tennessee Music

Romano sings these nine songs with a pure, expressive voice....Photo is an album of well-sung, literate songs. It’s the aural equivalent of a picture taken by a professional photographer, as opposed to an above average cellphone photo taker. ”

Dan MacIntoch of Skope Magazine